We are actively involved in research that is aimed at reducing or alleviating agricultural losses due to abiotic and biotic stressors as well as cost effective agricultural production methods for the smallholder farmers.

Environmental conservation

We provide and advocate for environmentally friendly production technologies for safe, low cost and reduced environmental degradation.

Technology transfer

We innovate, borrow and invent new technologies that are farmer friendly and train on their use.

Indigenous knowledge systems

We collect, preserve and use indigenous knowledge in agriculture production. We merge this knowledge with modern knowledge to effectively solve agricultural production problems.

Food security

We strive to reduce agricultural losses due to pests and diseases thus increasing food security.

Grant mobilization

We mobilize funds from donors to facilitate in the implementation of the organization's objectives.

Empowering of orphans and widows led households

We target the economically vulnerable individuals in the community by training and providing them with opportunities to create sustainable wealth.

Economic development

We equip smallholder farmers with entrepreneurial skills so that they are able to shift from subsistence farming to agri-business related ideologies.